All sandwiches served with fries and salad
BBQ Burger - lettuce, tomato, beyond burger, pepperjack cheese, french fried onions, pickles, and bbq sauce on a burger roll $15.00
FML Burger - tomato jalapeno jam, lettuce, beyond burger, grilled onion on a burger roll $15.00
Classic Burger - signature sauce, lettuce, beyond burger, tomato, onion, american cheese on a burger roll $15.00
BBQ Burnt Ends - bbq burnt ends, jalapeno cole slaw, french fried onions, pickles, on a burger roll $15.00
Pulled BBQ Jackfruit - pulled bbq jackfruit, jalapeno cole slaw, pickles, on a burger roll $16.00
Roast Veggie - roast eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, pepper, sundried tomato pesto, microgreens, on grilled bread $15.00
FML Dawg - beyond dawg, sauerkraut, onions in tomato sauce, on a grilled bun $12.00
Chili Cheeze Dawg - beyond dawg, in-house made chili, cheeze sauce, on a grilled bun $15.00
Grilled Cheeze $8.00
Tomato Bac'n Grilled Cheeze $11.00
BLT - bac'n, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, on grilled bread $15.00
Chick'n Parm - breaded chick'n, mixed greens, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheeze, and microgreens on a toasted hoagie roll $15.00
Avocado Toast - avocado, microgreens, beets, orange vinaigrette on grilled bread $8.50
sHam and Cheeze Quesadilla - ham, mozzarella cheeze, cheddar cheeze, with a side of guacamole, pico del gallo, and sour cream $16.00

Add bac'n, cheeze or guacamole to any sandwich for $2


Little Bites

Fries $4.00
Chili Cheeze Fries $6.00
Mac n Cheeze $6.00
Chili Mac n Cheeze $9.00
Loaded Nachos $11.00
Chili $8.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls $5.00
Chick'n Fingers and Fries $10.00


Hot Bar

Pick an entree(e) and any two sides(s) for $11
(E) Kung Pao Chick'n
(E) Curry Chick'n
(E) Chayote Curry (WFPB, GF)
(S) Jamaican Rice and Peas (WFPB, GF)
(S) Baked Plantains (WFPB, GF)
(S) Lemon Pepper Broccoli (WFPB, GF)
(S) Succotash (WFPB, GF)
(S) Candied Yams (GF)


Grab N Go

From the Fridge
Jalapeno Cole Slaw $5.99/pound
Beets Salad $5.99/pound
Cabbage Pea Salad $6.99/pound
Cucumber Salad $6.99/pound
Angel Hair Pasta Salad $7.99/pound
Red Potato Salad $6.99/pound
Five Bean Salad $5.99/pound
Jamaican Gungo (Pigeon) Pea Soup $7.00/pint
Chick'nun Soup $7.00/pint



Mint Fudge Brownie $3.00/slice
Oreo Cheesecake $8.00/each
Caramel Cheesecake $8.00/each
Chocolate Pecan Pie $10.00/mini pie
Award Winning Apple Crisp $8.00/mini pie
Cinnamon Roll $3.50/each
Chocolate Chip AF Cookies 50% of proceeds go to All Faiths Food Bank $2.00/each
Chocolate Coconut Crinkle Cookie $1.75/each
Pumpkin Pie Spice $3.50/each
Hot Chocolate Cupcake $3.50/each
Oreo Cupcake $3.50/each
Lemon Cupcake $3.50/each

Birthday Cakes, custom orders, or special requests are available.  Please contact us with at least 72-hour notice.


Hand-Crafted Beverages

Fork My Life carries a full line of bottled beverages as well
Mylkshake - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, oreo, peanut butter chocolate, peanut butter oreo $8.00
Rosemary Lemonade $4.50
Lemonana - lemon and nana spearmint tea drink $4.50
Mint Iced Tea $4.50
Sweet Tea $4.50
Mint Hot Chocolate $6.00