All sandwiches served with fries and salad
BBQ Burger - lettuce, tomato, beyond burger, pepperjack cheese, french fried onions, pickles, and bbq sauce on a burger roll. (GF Available) $15.00
FML Burger - tomato jalapeno jam, lettuce, beyond burger, grilled onion on a burger roll. (GF Available) $15.00
Classic Burger - signature sauce, lettuce, beyond burger, tomato, onion, american cheese on a burger roll. (GF Available) $15.00
BBQ Burnt Ends - bbq burnt ends, jalapeno cole slaw, french fried onions, pickles, on a burger roll. (Not available as GF) $15.00
Pulled BBQ Jackfruit - pulled bbq jackfruit, jalapeno cole slaw, pickles, on a burger roll. (GF Available) $16.00
Roast Veggie - roast eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, pepper, sundried tomato pesto, microgreens, on grilled bread. (GF Available) $15.00
FML Dawg - beyond dawg, sauerkraut, onions in tomato sauce, on a grilled bun (Not available as GF) $12.00
Chili Cheeze Dawg - beyond dawg, in-house made chili, cheeze sauce, on a grilled bun (Not available as GF) $15.00
Grilled Cheeze (GF Available) $8.00
Tomato Bac'n Grilled Cheeze (Not available as GF) $11.00
BLT - bac'n, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, on grilled bread (Not available as GF) $15.00
Chick'n Parm - breaded chick'n, mixed greens, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheeze, and microgreens on a toasted hoagie roll (Not available as GF) $15.00
Avocado Toast - avocado, microgreens, beets, orange vinaigrette on grilled bread. (GF Available) $8.50
sHam and Cheeze Quesadilla - ham, mozzarella cheeze, cheddar cheeze, with a side of guacamole, pico del gallo, and sour cream (Not available as GF) $16.00

Add bac'n, cheeze or guacamole to any sandwich for $2


Little Bites

Fries (GF) $4.00
Chili Cheeze Fries (GF) $6.00
Mac n Cheeze (GF Available) $6.00
Chili Mac n Cheeze (GF Available) $9.00
Loaded Nachos (GF) $11.00
Chili (GF) $8.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls $5.00
Chick'n Fingers and Fries $10.00
Mac-n-Cheeze Bites $9.00